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Clay tile may not be the first thing that jumps to mind once you take into consideration roofing options, however if you simply reside in the right climate it's an option which you shouldn't dismiss off hand. Most popular in tropical or arid areas with high heat, clay tile roofing can be hugely durable, lasting for several decades in a few climates. - Clay and Concrete Roofers

These clay tile roofing shingles are available in a number of sizes and shapes, which offer a number of looks under the general umbrella term of "tile roofing." These tiles frequently even have different shades of tan, gray, brown, and various colors like sierra. From many residences in states like Florida or southwest states like Arizona and New Mexico, to decorative roofs for several Chinese or Mexican restaurants, there are several places where one can get some good serious discusses clay tile roofing.

Clay tiles also come in many different styles that you'll need to check out. After all, clay tiles which might be "Mission style" are likely to look a lot diverse from clay tiles which can be "Oriental style" in nature. Tapered shingles and S-style clay shingles can be found, giving homeowners or business owners a multitude of choices in terms of creating this important decision.

There are numerous other major good things about clay tile shingle instead of many other materials. For just one, clay does not rot and is not set upon by insects. This will make it less at risk of problems that wood, metal, and in many cases plastic suffer from.

These tiles also give a business or home an extremely distinct look that is certainly categorised as "Southwestern" or "Cuban" anyway, but whatever word you utilize for this, it is a very attractive kind of roofing that a lot of homeowners adore.

As with all sort of roofing, there are destined to be some negatives, too. One of the big items to check for is weight. Clay tiles tend to be heavier than thin shingles, so you will need to have a professional contractor to ensure houses roof is correctly supported in order to handle the extra weight.

Maintenance becomes another issue. The tiles themselves are good to go for many years, however, your roofing support underneath it might need to be replaced every 15-20 years roughly. You will have the tiles right there to place back on, however it is a prospective issue that can't be overlooked.

Finally there is price. Clay tile roofing may save you more over time as you don't need to change it, but it is going to be more costly in advance as you are discussing a very strong and solid material. The first cost will not go cheap, however if you simply are considering the long-term prospects, you shouldn't let that scare you away if you're able to still afford it affordable.

The proper clay tile roof doesn't just last years, however it will last decades. In some rare cases there are even instances of this tiling remaining strong after nearly one hundred years in extreme climates like deserts. If you're looking for that unique look which delivers on long-lasting support, you can't get it wrong with clay tile roofing. - Clay and Concrete Roofers